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ubuntuone::syncdaemon::sync::SyncStateMachineRunner Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This is where all the state machine methods are.

Definition at line 260 of file sync.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def build_error_eq
def build_hash_eq
def calculate_hash
def cancel_and_commit
def cancel_download_and_delete_on_server
def cancel_upload_and_delete_on_server
def client_moved
def commit_file
def commit_upload
def conflict_and_delete
def converges_to_server
def delete_file
def delete_on_server
def deleted_dir_while_downloading
def file_conflict
def file_gone_wile_downloading
def file_not_created_remove
def get_dir
def get_file
def get_state_values
def local_file_conflict
def merge_directory
def moved_dirty_local
def moved_dirty_server
def new_dir
def new_dir_on_server_with_local
def new_file
def new_file_on_server_with_local
def new_local_dir
def new_local_dir_created
def new_local_file
def new_local_file_created
def nothing
def put_file
def reget_dir
def reget_file
def reput_file
def reput_file_from_ok
def save_stat
def server_file_changed_back
def server_file_now_matches
def server_moved
def server_moved_dirty
def signal_event_with_error
def signal_event_with_error_and_hash
def signal_event_with_hash

Public Attributes


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