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ubuntuone::syncdaemon::filesystem_manager::FileSystemManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Keeps the files/dirs metadata and interacts with the filesystem.

It has a FileShelf where all the metadata is stored, using 'mdid's as
keys.  'mdid' is 'metadata id'... it's actually an uuid, but we call it
mdid to don't get confused about names, as we also have the node_id is
the one assigned by the server.

At init time two indexes are built in memory:

  - idx_path: relationship path -> mdid
  - idx_node_id: relationship (share_id, node_id) -> mdid

Definition at line 171 of file filesystem_manager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def changed
def commit_partial
def create
def create_file
def create_partial
def delete_file
def delete_metadata
def dir_content
def get_abspath
def get_by_mdid
def get_by_node_id
def get_by_path
def get_data_for_server_rescan
def get_mdobjs_by_share_id
def get_partial
def get_partial_for_writing
def get_partial_path
def get_paths_starting_with
def has_metadata
def is_dir
def move_file
def move_to_conflict
def moved
def open_file
def refresh_stat
def remove_partial
def set_by_mdid
def set_by_node_id
def set_by_path
def set_node_id
def update_stat
def upload_finished

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _check_partial
def _enable_share_write
def _get_mdid_from_args
def _get_share
def _load_metadata_1
def _load_metadata_None
def _load_metadata_updated
def _share_relative_path

Private Attributes


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